Eggcellent Experiment

This experiment shows how osmosis works; it involves an egg, vinegar, corn syrup, and some patience.IMG_20151104_110540Day One: Egg in Vinegar
The vinegar dissolves the egg shell.
IMG_20151104_133121Day Two: 
Here is the egg, still in vinegar, with the shell mostly dissolved.
IMG_20151105_120709Took the egg out of the jar; it was squishy!
IMG_20151105_120943After the egg and jar were rinsed, the egg was put back into the jar with corn syrup.
IMG_20151105_121216Day Three:
Since the concentration on the syrup was higher than the egg, the water diffused through the membrane of the egg, making the egg shriveled. This is the egg still in the syrup.
This is what the egg looked like out of the syrup.
IMG_20151106_155148For an extra experiment, I recommend boiling this shriveled egg, adding some salt and pepper and giving it a taste… haha!


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