You’ve Got [a bit of] Mail

I feel as though I receive a lot of emails (mainly trivial junk that I don’t open, but emails nonetheless) and I began to wonder if there was a certain day of the week I received more, in comparison to the other days (don’t ask why, I’m not even sure why that crossed my mind).

I began an observational study on October 12, in which I would tally up the number of emails I received each day. It should be noted that I have three active email accounts: one for school, a Gmail account that’s linked to my phone, and my main Hotmail account I’ve had since high school. The latter is where I get most of my emails. So I counted emails for six weeks.

This is a chart of the data:
Emails Chart

About 177 emails per week… yikes. Probably close to 7 of these were important or required a response.

I also like graphs, so I made a graph of the average number of emails received per day:
Email Graph

According to the data, Thursdays and Fridays seem to be the preferred day to send out emails, while the weekend showed a significant drop. I guess spammers need days off too.


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