What do Stylish Frogs Wear?


I present the process of my frog dissection!

Picture One: In the top image you can see where the skin initially ripped, exposing the underlying muscles.


Picture Two: The specimen was pinned down; the image on the right shows the outer layer of skin peeled back, exposing muscles. A piece of internal organ is also peeking out! The bluish substance is a latex dye used in the preservation process to better show the veins.



Picture Three: The image on the left shows all of the organs in place. The yellowish bits are the fat bodies. The image on the right is the aftermath of pulling the organs out. The red substance is similar to the previously mentioned blue latex dye, however it shows the arteries rather than the veins.


Picture Four:
Image 1- The stomach, wrapped around the pancreas. The blue organs are the liver, which is the largest organ in the frog’s body.
Image 2- The gall bladder.
Image 3- The small intestine.
Image 4- The fat bodies.
Image 5- The pale organ is the oviduct/ovaries (this frog was female). The smaller red organ is the heart, which contains three chambers, unlike a mammal heart which contains four. The larger red organ is the lung.


Picture 5: Cut open the leg to see more of the muscle and bone!


Next time there’s a ‘frog in your throat’, you’ll have a better idea of what it looks like, haha!

And here’s a little video of the first few incisions.. nothing too cool.


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