Eggsperiment 1: Egg Stains

My roommates and I sometimes have difficulty using the all eggs we buy before they expire and recently we had a good amount of them go unused after their expiration date. Being the cautiously resourceful people we are, we opted not to eat them, and instead donate them to science!

This first experiment is a test to see what effects different liquids have on the shell. Since egg shells are primarily composed of calcium, which is also a primary mineral in tooth enamel, this experiment roughly (very roughly) translates to how these liquid also effect teeth.

The liquids (not in any particular order):
Black Peach Tea
An IPA (from Oregon)


After waiting about three days, these were the results:


Can you guess what liquid each egg was placed in?

Here is the answer!


Hopefully you aren’t soaking your teeth in any of these for an extended period of time, but think before you drink!


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