Lava Lamps

A trusted lab assistant and myself set out to make our lava lamps, which was easy enough!

The Equipment: science oil, two clean bottles, a funnel, water, food colouring, Alka-Seltzer tablets


First Step: Drink the juice in the bottles; rinse and let dry.
Second Step: Fill the bottles ¾ full of science oil; fill the rest of the bottle with water.


The water formed in spheres below the oil, how pretty!

Third Step: Add food colouring! We went with a deep turquoise and a green.


The blobs of food colouring landed on top of the water spheres; eventually one broke through to the bottom.

Fourth Step: Put the caps on the bottles, and give them a little shake to mix the food colouring with the water.


So cool!

Fifth Step: Let the orbs of colour settle for a moment; it’s about to get even more cool!
Sixth Step: Break an Alka-Seltzer tablet into about 6 pieces. Drop a piece at a time into the bottle. This should be the result:


And of course, a video:

And a slowed-down video (because we couldn’t get enough!):

Keep adding the tablets as many times as you wish! Experiment with different size pieces or multiple pieces at a time! We decided to play with the lighting too; here are what the lava lamps look like illuminated in the dark:


Happy Lamping!


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