The future is here! Check out this video of a hologram I made:

This was accomplished by constructing a small projector-like device and setting on my phone. Seems simple enough, right?

The Supplies: graph paper, a rule, scissors, a pen, tape, a box cutter, CD cases, hot glue, and a smartphone.


First Step: I measured out a trapezoid shape onto graph paper and cut it out as a guide. The references I found suggested using 1 cm x 3.5 cm x 6 cm measurements, but I ended up tweaking those a bit as I went along.


Second Step: I traced that shape along the plastic part of the CD case, then used the box cutter to cut the plastic shape out; needing 4 pieces of plastic, I repeated this step a few times. This part was a little challenging, because the plastic kept breaking on places I didn’t want it to.


Eventually I cut out four little trapezoids.

Third Step: I arranged the pieces into a pyramidal shape, and held them together momentarily with tape while I let the glue heat up. When it was ready, I glued the edged of the pieces together. The picture below gives a visual into what I just tried to describe.


After the glue cooled, I was ready to try out the projector!

There are a bunch of cool videos to try on YouTube, the one from my video is here.

And here is the aftermath of the plastic cutting:





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