The Ants Came Marching

The ants have arrived! All 36 of them came alive and active. If you’ve ever wondered how ants are shipped, wonder no more: they are bottled up in a little tube and delivered right to your postbox!


Before introducing the ants to their new habitat, as suggested I poked 4 holes into the gel; this helps the ants figure out what to do with the gel.

And in they went!


Since the gel is naturally foreign to the ants, it could take up to 48 hours for them to get comfortable and start doing anything really cool.


They currently seem less interested in the gel, and more interested in climbing the habitat walls, and what appears to be grooming each other. Though it looks like a few might be nibbling at the gel.


Up close the ants are actually pretty cute!



And of course, the Ant Cam:

Music provided by Johnny Dennis, ha.

Stay tuned as these ants begin their exploration!





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