Back in the Limelight

It’s been a long lime time since the last post, but here it is! So get your gin and tonic ready; the limes have arrived.

Have you ever wondered if limes float in water?
Probably not, but they do! (As long as they have a life jacket..)

Let’s demonstrate the beauty of buoyancy using two normal limes and two normal jars of water:


These limes just float to the surface and just kind of bob around, so let’s skip ahead to where this gets interesting—

Same scenario: two limes, two jars of water; HOWEVER one lime is peeled, taking away it’s protective exterior.

Video CliffsNotes:


The lime peel traps air in tiny pockets, which creates the buoyancy that pushes the lime upwards. Without that trapped air, the lime has no way to stay afloat. So always wear your lime life jacket!

Special thanks to my friends for the gift of inspiration
Song: Soco Amaretto Lime- Brand New


Lava Lamps

A trusted lab assistant and myself set out to make our lava lamps, which was easy enough!

The Equipment: science oil, two clean bottles, a funnel, water, food colouring, Alka-Seltzer tablets


First Step: Drink the juice in the bottles; rinse and let dry.
Second Step: Fill the bottles ¾ full of science oil; fill the rest of the bottle with water.


The water formed in spheres below the oil, how pretty!

Third Step: Add food colouring! We went with a deep turquoise and a green.


The blobs of food colouring landed on top of the water spheres; eventually one broke through to the bottom.

Fourth Step: Put the caps on the bottles, and give them a little shake to mix the food colouring with the water.


So cool!

Fifth Step: Let the orbs of colour settle for a moment; it’s about to get even more cool!
Sixth Step: Break an Alka-Seltzer tablet into about 6 pieces. Drop a piece at a time into the bottle. This should be the result:


And of course, a video:

And a slowed-down video (because we couldn’t get enough!):

Keep adding the tablets as many times as you wish! Experiment with different size pieces or multiple pieces at a time! We decided to play with the lighting too; here are what the lava lamps look like illuminated in the dark:


Happy Lamping!